Summary from July 18 South Bay Odor Stakeholders Group meeting

1. BAAQMD will award the contract for South Bay Odor Study at its July 31st board meeting. The study is projected to cost $300-500k. Reps from odor generating facilities were present and supportive of the study.

2. City of Milpitas has hired a consultant to implement odor monitors.

3. BAAQMD logged 162 odor complaints in the last 3 months. Newby Island was the sole confirmed odor source. BAAQMD has issued 16 violations to Newby Island in 2019 YTD.

4. LEA received many complaints on its website. Inspector detected Newby Island MRF and landfill odor. CalRecycle-LEA issued a violation to Newby Island for not covering the working landfill at night.

5. Newby Island MRF redesign is in progress with construction to be completed by 2021.

Official meeting minutes can be found on

Air District Odor Presentation at Milpitas City Council

Please attend and listen to the Air district update on the Milpitas Odor situation. Your attendance will show BAAQMD and the Milpitas City Council that we are still concerned about the odor pollution issues in Milpitas. Mr. Jack Broadbent, Executive Officer/Air Pollution Control Officer and Mr. Wayne Kino, Deputy Air Pollution Control Officer for Operations will provide an update on recent Air Board (BAAQMD) developments and strategies to help resolve odor problems affecting the City of Milpitas and the southern Bay Area. All are welcomed, particularly impacted residents from Milpitas, Fremont, San Jose and Santa Clara. Date: Tuesday, March 5, 2019 Time: 7:00 PM (see note at bottom) Venue: Milpitas City Hall, Council Chambers, 455 E Calaveras Blvd, Milpitas, CA Agenda Item 10: Receive Odor Update and Presentation from Staff of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District Agenda Packet: Note: As item 10 is scheduled after 2 public hearings, the odor presentation will likely occur after 8pm.

BAAQMD discussion on the Odor

Watch and listen to the BAAQMD Board of Directors discuss the South Bay Odor Issue. Your complaints did not fall on deaf ears.

Link to video

City of Milpitas is nominating Councilman Nunez for a seat on the BAAQMD Board of Directors. Kindly take a minute to submit letter of support to Andi Jordan at


Republic Services and other facilities throughout California lobbied and killed AB 1975 (the odor taskforce bill).  Opposition worked it hard this year and got facilities throughout the state to send letters and call their assembly members. Not enough votes to get the bill off the Assembly floor. It is very disappointing that other state assemblymen would go against a harmless bill that merely mandates the participation of odor nuisance offenders in a local task force. Kansen Chu’s staff will continue working with the air districts and local enforcement agency to see if something else can be done outside of legislation in the meantime.

This site contains information on odor issues in Milpitas.