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5月6日(周三)晚,圣荷西城市规划委员会对纽比垃圾场的扩容申请再次做出延期投票决定。苗必达居民周石群女士对这一结果表示接受,她称:“这是反对扩容的一个阶段性胜利。”苗必达市城市经理威廉姆斯(ThomasC.Williams)认为:“这是苗必达市民持续反对的声音起到了作用。”纽比垃圾场代表利奇菲尔德(Don Litchfield)则坦言对结果“很吃惊”。 – 新闻

Source: 苗必达反垃圾场扩容取得“阶段性胜利” 

Milpitas Post editorial: Debates, meetings about odor sources continue

Milpitas has been battling to curb the odor producing sources on its western border for many years. However, its legal protest to a go-ahead to raising the landfill height at Newby Island to the size of a 20-story building seems to have resonated in the ears of the San Jose Planning Commission. Last week the commission voted unanimously to delay any action permitting the expansion until it conducts an independent study of the problem.

Source: Milpitas Post editorial: Debates, meetings about odor sources continue

San Jose planners delay decision on Newby Island Landfill expansion

An anticipated outcome regarding the proposed capacity expansion of San Jose’s Newby Island Landfill and Resource Recovery Park did not occur this week. Similar to actions taken in past months, San Jose Planning Commission voted 5-0 May 6 to again defer a decision on the dump’s potential increase until a city-initiated odor study could be completed.

Milpitas council formally declares Newby Landfill a ‘public nuisance’

Milpitas council formally declares Newby Landfill’s operations a ‘public nuisance’ – San Jose Mercury News.

City leaders say the proposed expansion to Newby Island Landfill and Resource Recovery Park at 1601 Dixon Landing Road, located across the border in San Jose, will make life unbearable for those who live and work in Milpitas. To make their position clear, Milpitas City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to adopt a resolution finding operations at Newby Island a public nuisance that creates a negative environmental effect.

Milpitas stinks, blames San Jose – Internal Affairs

Milpitas has been smelling pretty bad lately, and the city says it’s all San Jose’s fault. A lawsuit filed a couple weeks ago says San Jose isn’t doing its job as overseer of the Newby Island Sanitary Landfill and Composting Facility in controlling its odors. In fact, says the complaint, the city as “local enforcement agency” won’t even grant its li’l northern neighbor a hearing on its odor complaint.