Sign our petition to have the Milpitas City Council take action against the smelly Newby Island Landfill, goo.gl/Uhnte8 ...

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BAAQMD Confirmed Odor Sources from 1/2015 to 3/2017:
#1: Newby Island Recycler - MRF + Compost (76%)
#2: Newby Island Landfill (17%)
#3: Water Treatment Plant (3.9%)
#4: ZWED (2.5%)
#5: Vision Recycling (0.4%)

Sign petition to Milpitas council to challenge Newby Island expansion permit: goo.gl/Uhnte8

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The City of Milpitas has given up on the fight. Contact the City Council members and ask them how they intend to get San Jose to clean up its dirty smelly facilities. For decades, San Jose has dumped waste into Milpitas' backyard and did nothing to mitigate the Pollution. The San Jose LEA (Local Enforcement Agency) has also turned a blind eye. However, we will continue the good fight for our family, friends, and community. City Council Emails:

Anthony Phan - aphan@ci.milpitas.ca.gov;
Bob Nunez - bnunez@ci.milpitas.ca.gov;
Gary Barbadillo - gbarbadillo@ci.milpitas.ca.gov;
Marsha Grilli - mgrilli@ci.milpitas.ca.gov;
Rich Tran - rtran@ci.milpitas.ca.gov

PRESS RELEASE - Landfill Operation Litigation

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Watch Alameda County Supervisor Scott Haggerty grilled BAAQMD staff during the 03/20/2017 BAAQMD meeting. He has gotten a lot of complaints from his constituents. He spoke out against San Jose's bad decision and BAAQMD's inaction. He called out the poor facilities siting near resident and that San Jose clearly stuck it to Milpitas and Fremont. He suggested San Jose should have used the existing ACE rail tracks to send waste to Altamont Landfill (in rural Livermore with no odor complaints) instead of processing waste within urban areas.

Link will jump you 12 mins into the video where Q&A starts.

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