Milpitas pollution burden percentile is at 90. That is according to the OEHHA website. You can explore the pollution maps at oehha.ca.gov/calenviroscreen ...

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At the Dec 2016 SJ Planning commission meeting, Yesney one of the commissioners tried to bring in morality as an argument. However, she must not have realized that Milpitas pollution burden is the greatest in SF Bay area communities. She also should have realized that Santa Clara County had excess landfill capacity. The moral action should have been to reject Newby's Landfill Expansion, allow the dump to close, and allow Milpitas to breath freely with cleaner air. Instead SJ politics took over and SJ continues to pollute Milpitas with San Jose's garbage and sewage. ...

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South Bay Eco Citizens shared Milpitas Sanitation's post. ...

Milpitas Residents: Wondering when your current carts will be exchanged for Milpitas Sanitation collection carts and how to get rid of your empty personal collection containers (garbage cans)? Please refer to the flyer below and visit our translatable cart delivery information webpage for all the details: www.milpitassanitation.com/residential/newcartdelivery/.

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Sign our petition to have the Milpitas City Council take action against the smelly Newby Island Landfill, goo.gl/Uhnte8 ...

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BAAQMD Confirmed Odor Sources from 1/2015 to 3/2017:
#1: Newby Island Recycler - MRF + Compost (76%)
#2: Newby Island Landfill (17%)
#3: Water Treatment Plant (3.9%)
#4: ZWED (2.5%)
#5: Vision Recycling (0.4%)

Sign petition to Milpitas council to challenge Newby Island expansion permit: goo.gl/Uhnte8

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