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Milpitas to Investigate Smell Problem
If you've been wondering what the smell wafting through Milpitas is, you're not alone. Residents have been putting up with the stench for decades. Drivers who pass the city notice it too. There is a nearby landfill, but it's not clear if that's the only culprit. So now, the city has announced a pilo...

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Watch and listen to the BAAQMD Board of Directors discuss the South Bay Odor Issue. Your complaints did not fall on deaf ears.


City of Milpitas is nominating Councilman Nunez for a seat on the BAAQMD Board of Directors. Kindly take a minute to submit letter of support to Andi Jordan at CSC@citiesassociation.org

Stationary Source Committee Meeting - Sep 17th, 2018
Live and Recorded Public meetings of Stationary Source Committee Meeting for Bay Area Headquarters Authority

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