Milpitas council formally declares Newby Landfill a ‘public nuisance’

Milpitas council formally declares Newby Landfill’s operations a ‘public nuisance’ – San Jose Mercury News.

City leaders say the proposed expansion to Newby Island Landfill and Resource Recovery Park at 1601 Dixon Landing Road, located across the border in San Jose, will make life unbearable for those who live and work in Milpitas. To make their position clear, Milpitas City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to adopt a resolution finding operations at Newby Island a public nuisance that creates a negative environmental effect.

Stop Newby Island Expansion Facts Slides

Happy Earth Day!  Educational 13 min video and slides explaining myths and facts on the Newby Island Landfill. Protect our environment and communities today. Learn about the Newby Island Expansion and its adverse impact to the environment and communities surrounding it. (Slide version)
Stop Newby Island Expansion Facts – YouTube.

May 6th 6:30pm, Protest & San Jose Planning Commission Meeting, Final Vote

Location: San Jose City Hall
Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm
Address: 200 E Santa Clara St, San Jose, CA 95113
The San Jose planning commission will have the final vote on the Newby Island Landfill Expansion permit. We plan to protest/rally at 5:30pm before the meeting.  Free bus will be available to/from the meeting. If you need a bus ride, please email Bus to San Jose City Hall will leave from Marina supermarket (永欣超市, 25 Milpitas Blvd, Milpitas) 4:50-5:15pm.  Optionally sign up here so we can get a headcount,

Please write a letter to commissioners to request open public comments section before May 6th, otherwise you may not allow to speak.

Parking: San Jose city hall underground parking lots is free for people attending the public hearing.

1. 4th Street Garage
44 S. Fourth St. and San Fernando
Across from the Library
Open 24 hours
Cost: $1.00 every 20 minutes, $20 max
$5.00 after 6:00 p.m., weekdays
$5.00 all day weekends, holidays
2. City Hall Garage
200 E. Santa Clara Street and 6th Street

Note: because of the parking issue, the majority of us should consider to take light rail to San Jose Downtown.($2 fee off at santa clara stop and 7 minutes walk to city hall)
VTA Service – Bus and Light Rail
For more information and schedules call (408) 321-2300 or visit Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority

Light rail service is available to Santa Clara and First / Second Streets

Bus Lines: 22, 63, 64, 65, 73, 81, 522
Norman Kline, (408) 993-2140 ext. 204
Dori Yob, Chair (408) 286-9800
Edesa Bit-Badal (408) 230-6093
Shiloh Ballard
Nick Pham (408) 425-5304
Ed Abelite, Vice Chair, (408) 238-6808
Brian O’Halloran

cc to Planning Staff:
City decision makers:
San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo 408-535-4800
City council members:
Charles Jones District 1 408-535-4901
Ash Kalar District 2, 408-535-4902
Interim/Vacant district 4
Magdalena Carrasco District 5  408-535-4905
Pierluigi Oliverio District 6  408-535-4906
Rose Herrera, District 8 408-535-4908
Donald Rocha, District 9, 408-535-4909
Johnny Khamis, District 10, 408-535-4910

Milpitas stinks, blames San Jose – Internal Affairs

Milpitas has been smelling pretty bad lately, and the city says it’s all San Jose’s fault. A lawsuit filed a couple weeks ago says San Jose isn’t doing its job as overseer of the Newby Island Sanitary Landfill and Composting Facility in controlling its odors. In fact, says the complaint, the city as “local enforcement agency” won’t even grant its li’l northern neighbor a hearing on its odor complaint.