South Bay odor stakeholders meeting 10/17

Updates from today’s South Bay Odor Stakeholders meeting:

  1. BAAQMD Odor Study contract decision delayed to November 20. The public will have an opportunity to review and comment on the contract workplan.
  2. Newby Island MRF redesign is still under BAAQMD permit review. The building design will exceed new organics regulation. Expect permitting process to take 18 months, and another 12 months for construction. Best case completion date is Q4 2020.
  3. Annual biosolid move from sewage plant to landfill is on-going 10/9/19-10/29/19. No odor issue found yet.
  4. Odor uptick in recent months confirmed to Newby Island. Multiple operational issues found – broken MRF doors, misting system, trailer leaks and waste storage outdoors. Violations issued by both LEA and BAAQMD.

See report and photos of MRF violation:

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