Wastewater Facility

The San Jose/Santa Clara Wastewater Facility is another source of odor in Milpitas.  It is also located right next to Milpitas and also controlled by the City of San Jose.

The Facility is located on 2,600 acres at the South Bay shoreline, covering more area than twice the size of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. The site includes a 175-acre wastewater operations area, a 750-acre sludge drying area, and an 850-acre former salt production pond.

Sludge is routinely shipped from the sewage treatment plant to Newby Landfill for disposal.  At one point, Newby was using this Sludge as ADC (alternative daily cover) for their landfill.

The future plans for this facility includes major odor mitigation strategies like covering the sludge drying area.  However, this will take many years to fund and implement.

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