Press Releases

Apr 2017: Slides summarizing Myths and facts about the odor issues in the region, presented to the River Oaks HOA.

Dec 2016: Full text of appeal to San Jose based on the Dec 7th SJ Planning commission’s decision to grant the Newby Island Landfill Expansion [pdf]

Oct 2016: Deny Newby Island Landfill Expansion Fact Sheet [pdf][docs]

Sept 2016: Open Letter to Milpitas Candidates

May 2016: Slides on Current Garbage Rates, bin sizes, disposal trends.

May 2016: Flyer – Newby Timeline, Notice for Aug 24th SJ Meeting, and Facts&Myths for Newby, pdf.

May 2016: SF Bay Area Landfill, Comparison Newby Island Landfill and Guadalupe Landfill including population density comparisions. Google Docs link.

2016: Historical odor complaints from City of Milpitas & BAAQMD, raw data, Google Docs link.

April 2016: Compilation of Regulatory Violations for Newby Island, Google Docs link.

Sept 2015: Sept Newsletter.

Apr 21st, 2015: Slide deck from the YouTube video below on Myths & Facts of the Newby Island Expansion,
For printing out the slidedeck, we are providing a ONE PAGE abridged (2 sided) format, link. Also the full slidedeck in pdf. Youtube video on Myths vs Facts of the Newby Island Expansion,

Feb 19th, 2015: BAAQMD data for the Milpitas region in google docs.  This graphs the confirmed odor reports since 2013. Confirmed odor reports are odor complaints which are positively confirmed to a given source.  An inspector is dispatched out to meet with the person who is reporting the odor complaint.  The inspector will then trace the odor to its source. If the inspector successfully traces the odor back to the source, it is then listed as confirmed.  For all odor complaints in 2015, this logs.

Jan 15th, 2015: Newby Island Landfill executive summary, “A call to Reject the NISL expansion permits”, document.

Jan 2015: Newby Island Landfill’s Title 27 violations compilation. Compilation of gas violations. Here’s the doc.

Jan 2015: January BAAQMD call logs. Graphs and data.

Dec 2014: Newby Island Landfill anti-expansion flyers which were mailed out.

Jan 2015: Ro Khanna stated “I am involved in a public strategy to make sure Newby takes actions to mitigate the odors that are affecting residents in Milpitas, Fremont and even Santa Clara,” Khanna said. “Also I am opposed to the expansion permit.”

Feb 2016: Ro Khanna also stated on his website:

Fighting to Reduce Odor at the Newby Island Landfill The Newby Landfill is creating odor in Milpitas and Fremont that is adversely affecting our quality of life. I have been fighting with citizen groups to hold Newby accountable. We need Newby to shut down the compost facility and stop all transmission of any sewage from San Jose. We need also to prevent the burning of garbage that will cause greater odors.

Finally, I am categorically opposed to any expansion of Newby. We need to work to reduce the odors coming from the plant and demand odor mitigation. I will be a strong voice in Congress to make sure that the citizens concerns are met concerning the Newby Landfill.

Mar 2016: Mike Honda’s letter post:

I share your concerns that the proposed expansion could have a serious impact on your community. Residents like yourself from Milpitas, North San Jose, and South Fremont have long voiced complaints about odors entering the community that impact your quality of life.

July 2016: Mike Honda Staff’s letter post.

July 2016: Ro Khanna’s letter to Mayor Sam Liccardo

Aug 2016: Mike Honda’s letter to Mayor Liccardo.

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