This site contains information regarding  odor affecting the City of Milpitas and surrounding areas.  We have a grassroots movement seeking to eliminate the man made sources of odor polluting Milpitas.  All of these odor producing facility is located in San Jose and the City of Milpitas has no authority over them.

Stop Expansion
Stop Expansion

Odor generating facilities in San Jose have been inflicting severe loss in quality of life and negative socio-economic impacts to communities and businesses downwind for decades, with over 100,000 daytime population in Milpitas and South Fremont. Past lawsuit settlements between City of San Jose, City of Milpitas, Browning Ferris, Intl Disposal Corp, Wastewater Treatment Plant, and McCarthy Ranch have all failed to contain the problem from lack of oversight and enforcement. These odor generating facilities continue to be permitted to expand their operations with the addition of the largest recycling center, anaerobic digester, approval of Newby Island and Zanker Landfill height/capacity expansion in recent years.

We seek actions to halt the environmental injustice on our community. We seek permanent odor abatement from the area major odor producers including a fixed closure date for the 80+ year old Newby Island facility (operated by Republic Services) and punitive damages for their deceptive/abusive practices.

Update: The expansion permit was approved by the San Jose Planning commission on Dec 2017. Our first target is the Newby Island Landfill expansion.  We are seeking to deny the permit for expansion that will increase the capacity of the landfill and extend the operations of the landfill.  The landfill is a major source of odor affecting the Southbay including Milpitas/North San Jose/Fremont.  This slide deck is a good introduction to myths/facts about the expansion.

The pollution burden score of Milpitas as tracked by enviro is 90!

Newby Pollution burden

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  1. We just moved to north sanjose near landress and didn’t realize the odor is so prevalent. We are hoping that some action is taken soon or it’s not safe for kids or adults.

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This site contains information on odor issues in Milpitas.