Odor Group Weekly Meeting 7pm, Fri May 29th

Please come to the weekly meeting on Friday 7PM . You are invited!
Location: Milpitas Police Dept Community Room
Address: 1275 N Milptias Blvd, Milpitas

Meeting agenda:
1. Prepare and launch an email campaign
A) draft sample letters
B) gather email addresses
2. Prepare for June 24th SJ planning committee meeting
A) establish our stance of pushing new Environmental Impact Report (EIR).
B) request for old EIR for study
C) discuss on how to spread out the meeting info, how many people need to attend the meeting
D) if public hearing is open to us, how do we deliver our message?
3. Prepare for the meeting with city of Milpitas and BAAQMD
4. finalize the paper work for our non-profit organization

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