More facts about Newby

1. Republic Services has had a 30-year garbage collection, recycling and disposal contract with Milpitas since 1986, earning $13 million in 2014.
2. Milpitas residential garbage rate is higher than 9 Bay Area cities without a local landfill.
3. Republic’s Newby Island Landfill has been in operation since 1930s and is already the largest landfill ever built along San Francisco Bay.
4. Milpitas accounts for <10% of waste disposed at Newby Island Landfill.
5. Newby Island Landfill receives waste from outside of Bay Area, as far as Salinas, Merced, Folsom and even Clovis, located 3 hours away.
6. Republic Services has received permits to expand Newby Island Landfill by +63% in height, allowing 24 hours weekday operation, without any fixed closing date or new odor mitigation measures even after receiving 6 Public Nuisance Violations and accounting for 94% of BAAQMD confirmed odor complaints in Milpitas.
7. Newby Island Landfill expansion is projected to generate $100 million tax revenue for City of San Jose, $0 for City of Milpitas.
8. Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway average only 2 percent of waste going to landfill. Milpitas is trailing other Bay Area cities in landfill diversion.

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