Two Companies bid for Garbage Disposal Contract

At the Special Milpitas City Council Meeting on Jan 12th discussing the new Garbage Disposal Bids for the City of Milpitas, two companies submitted proposals to the city. Waste Management which would dump at the Guadalupe Landfill. Green Waste which use the Monterey Landfill with a transfer station in N. San Jose. Both proposals include convenient options similar to the existing free dump days. The Monterey Landfill had zero odor complaints and Guadalupe Landfill had 34 alleged/no confirmed. Newby Landfill has over 2000 odor complaints recorded by BAAQMD over the last year alone. Although Republic did not submit a disposal proposal, they did say that they may provide one as part of the collections proposal.

You can watch the Jan 12th, City council meeting at the link below, click on webcast which includes presentation from the two companies.…/…/agenda_minutes.asp

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