San Jose Odor Area

It is important to clarify that the “Milpitas Odor” is caused by odor sources located in San Jose.  The City of Milpitas has no control over the odor generators such as Newby Island Landfill, ZWED (organic digester facility), San Jose/Santa Clara Waste Water Facility (sewage plant), Zanker Landfill, and and the SF Bay Restoration project.  All these facilities are located outside Milpitas and in San Jose.  Newby Island Landfill has a Milpitas address because the access roads are in Milpitas, but it is a San Jose facility.

When talking to others not familiar with the pollution issues, refer to odor sources collectively as the San Jose Odor Area. This will reinforce the concept that the odors are produced by San Jose and not under Milpitas’ control.

Map of Odor
Milpitas Odor Map

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