Milpitas Post Article: Republic Services to put landfill change to voters

Republic Services is quick to respin its story (see link below) for the referendum.

January’s article  clearly stated RS had legal troubles which prevented them from bidding.

Republic Services General Manager Evan Boyd told the council that although the company only submitted a proposal for collecting garbage it would like to be considered for disposal service as well if legal issues involving odor complaints are ironed out.

“Given the legal proceedings surrounding the project we believed that in order for the city to contemplate using the Newby Island landfill there would need to be a number of issues resolved before that step could be taken,” Boyd said.

Now Republic is saying “City’s longtime waste hauler believes process used to select new waste disposer was not fair, competitive.” See article below.

Source: Milpitas:Republic Services to put landfill change to voters – San Jose Mercury News

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