Dear Editor Letter: Measure L introduces Big Money

Measure L introduces Big Money

Dear Editor,

Republic Services PAC money to fight against Measure L has now exceeded half a million dollars.  But despite of the big money pouring into their campaign more and more people are becoming aware of how Measure L actually does lower garbage rates with improved services.  Republic Services, also seeing this trend, in a single day in October, spent $93,000 on advertising and marketing.  A week after this, they spent $37,500 to put additional door knockers on the streets.  Initially, Republic Services had set aside $250,000.  At the time of this writing, the PAC dollars was at $600,000.

It is curious to note that while a billion-dollar company like Republic Services have deep enough pockets to fund their campaign, outside companies as far away as Stockton (Central Valley Construction) and Bakersfield (Guinn Construction) have decided to contribute to their cause.  Even former Milpitas City councilman Armando Gomez (now self-employed) decided to betray his roots and contributed $6,000 of his own money.  You can be sure that these token donations, that don’t even cover the costs of paying for surveys ($34,000), are intended to gain future business consideration.

As the election date draws near, we all are anxious to see if the outcome will be David overcoming Goliath or simply another example of corporate greed stomping on a helpless city to add another feather to their cap.

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